Drone Detection and Neutralization System

  • Unique drone detection, tracking and neutralization system
  • All-weather, night/day effective at a distance of at least 1000 m due to data fusion from proprietary radar, acoustic, vision and RF sensors


Advanced software

Competitive cost

Scalable implementation

Mitigation measures

SafeSky Drone Detection and Neutralization System

SafeSky systemAdvanced Protection Systems has developed SafeSky - a unique, multi-sensor drone detection and tracking system that allows effective detection and neutralization of drones day and night in any weather conditions without blind zones providing true dome/umbrella like protection. Combination of proprietary radar, acoustic, vision and RF sensors enables minimized alarm rates detection of small drones at a distance of at least 1000 m. Radar sensor - the essential one - operates as FMCW in X-band and is based on proprietary, dedicated silicon ICs that have been developed specifically for this purpose. Furthermore, sophisticated radar signals processing is implemented that minimizes false alarm rates and differentiates between birds and drones. In addition, acoustic sensor is based on a microphone array that implements beam forming in the acoustic domain localizing sound sources in space. Advanced, machine learning based classification algorithms identify drones. Vision cameras take video footage of the detected drones for post incident actions and perform drone tracking in the visual domain. RF sensor identifies drone and is also used as non-jammer neutralization scheme forcing drone back to the operator. Multi-band jammer is also offered as a brute force means to neutralize drone.

SafeSky system comes with a friendly to use, web based software that integrates outputs from the sensors and archives incidents as well as notifies security officers about the incident via sms, email and system alert. Since we developed all the crucial technologies from A to Z, the system is scalable and comes at an affordable price. Both stationary and mobile versions are offered with different configuration of sensors.

Radar sensor

Acoustic sensor

Proprietary 10 Ghz ICs for the best detection accuracy

1000m range, low-emission radar units for use with no permits

Advanced, AI-enhanced radar signals processing for effective differentiation between birds and drones

Minimized false-alarm rates

Microphone array for the highest possible range

Advanced, spatial beam‑forming and sound classification algorithms for precise localization of drones only

Precise detection and tracking in the acoustic domain of multiple drones

Vision cameras

RF Sensor

Advanced, low-light PTZ camera system for up to 500m range drone detection and tracking in the vision domain

Camera triggered by radar and acoustic sensors to visualize and automatically classify for final confirmation or records

Captures drone transmissions

Identifies drones

Locates operator

Blocks drones from entering into protected zone

SafeSky provides true dome/umbrella like protection without blind zones
due to multi-sensor and modular design

Stationary version of SafeSky System

Mobile version of SafeSky System


A dedicated, web-based application has been developed that is friendly to use and allows authorized access for a defined group of users, both from a PC, laptop or a tablet. It provides the following features:

1. Monitoring defined airspace

2. Definition of the protected area

3. Easy deployment of a number of sensors

4. Radar, acoustic and camera sensors integration

5. Visualizing the scene on maps and Google maps

6. Tracking multiple targets

7. Archiving incident data

8. Sms, email and system alerts

9. Easy interfacing to common security systems

APS - Advanced Protection Systems, ORION drone detection system
APS - Advanced Protection Systems, ORION drone detection system


We offer a professional jamming system manufactured by our partner HP Marketing & Consulting. Both omni-directional jammer and a directive, shoulder-mounted jammer are available. Jamming of RF transmissions between the drone and its operator as well as GPS/GLONASS/Galileo signals is provided. Interfacing to SafeSky Drone Detection System is available. Jamming is effective up to 500 m range.


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